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Zend, a framework for PHP web application development allows building user-friendly, highly integrated and maintainable web applications. Also, Zend helps us to create an advanced web presence with the up-to-date reusable codebase.

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key features of Zend framework


Stratigility provides limited, literal matching only. Expressive allows you to utilize dynamic routing capabilities from a variety of routers, providing much more fine-grained matching capabilities. The routing layer also allows restricting matched routes to specific HTTP methods, and will return "405 Not Allowed" responses with an "Allow" HTTP header containing allowed HTTP methods for invalid requests. Routing is abstracted in Expressive, allowing the developer to choose the routing library that best fits the project needs. By default, we provide wrappers for Aura.Router, FastRoute, and the zend-mvc router.

PSR-11 Container

Expressive encourages the use of Dependency Injection, and defines its Application class to compose a PSR-11 ContainerInterface instance. The container is used to lazy-load middleware, whether it is piped (Stratigility interface) or routed (Expressive).


While Expressive does not assume templating is being used, it provides a templating abstraction. Developers can write middleware that typehints on this abstraction, and assume that the underlying adapter will provide layout support and namespaced template support.

Error Handling

> Applications should handle errors gracefully, but also handle them differently in development versus production. Expressive provides both basic error handling via Stratigility's own ErrorHandler implementation, providing specialized error response generators that can perform templating or use Whoops.

Zend Development Services we offer:

The hire zend developer services that we offer to our customers are the following:

  • Web Portals and E-commerce solutions

  • Social Media and Online community portal

  • Health and Fitness site

  • Online Ticket booking systems (Bus, Car)

  • Transport and Shipping system solution

  • Banner/Theme management

  • Bookmarking/Blog sites

  • Multiplayer gaming

  • Revmob, Chartboost, Mobclix

  • 2D & 3D games