Symfomy - PHP Web Application Framework

JS Techno Solution is a highly experienced and leading Symfony development company that renders various services related to Symfony PHP Framework. Symfony - the most innovative technology built in PHP, which follows model-view-controller paradigm is used to build large-scale, complex, rapid and enterprise-level web applications, or multi-level website development. With the assistance of its stable development environment along with reusable and flexible components, it allows businesses to get robust applications developed with fewer efforts and just in time.

Symfony aims to speed up the creation and maintenance of web applications and to replace repetitive coding tasks. Symfony has a low performance overhead used with a bytecode cache. Symfony is aimed at building robust applications in an enterprise context, and aims to give developers full control over the configuration: from the directory structure to the foreign libraries, almost everything can be customized. To match enterprise development guidelines, Symfony is bundled with additional tools to help developers test, debug and document projects.

Features of Symfomy Framework

Easy to Install and Configure

This framework, for MVC applications, has an easy installation and is also easy to configure. Interestingly, it is a framework that is simple to use; however, with its flexibility of adapting to complex cases.

Joyfull Developing Application

The joy of developing applications is promised with the use of Symfony2. There are many tools in Symfony. A tool like Web Debug Toolbar will come in handy for developers.

Eassy to Access

Beginners will not find Symfony overwhelming because the framework is very accessible. Beginners have so much access to the huge documentation, professional support and also community support.

Own Git Repository

> With every component of Symfony having its own Git repository, the developers have the chance to get the code directly. Else, they can download an archive. The other options are that they can install it with PEAR.

Database Engine Independent

Symfony2 is database engine independent. It is enterprise ready. Even for long-term projects it is very much stable.

Cusomizable Framework

This framework is totally customizable. Numerous development environments come with it by default. Symfony, making the task of developers much simpler, has got multiple tools. Common software engineering tasks can be automated using such tools.

Support Multiple Databases

Is this framework compatible with most database engines? Yes, it is. It is compatible with MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, etc. Great data quality in the database, enhanced user experience are made possible with the help of Forms. The Forms in Symfony support automated validation & repopulation.

Ease to Extend

Symfony is one framework which is easy to extend. Therefore, integration with that of other vendor libraries is also easier. Output escaping, cache management features, Routing, Factories, Plugins, Built-in email and API management are some of the characteristics that are helpful in Symfony.