Struts 1


Struts 1:

Apache Struts, commonly known as Struts, are an Open source web application framework. It is used for developing Java Enterprise Edition Web Application. Struts encourage the MV architecture or the model view controller architecture, by using and extending the Java Servlet API. Initially known as the Jakarta Struts and located under the Apache Jakarta Project, it was originally created and later donated to the Apache foundation by Craig McClanahan.

The goal of Struts middleware and Struts Middle developers is to separate the model which is the application logic that interacts with the database from the view meaning the HTML pages presented to the client. Also, the model and view is separated from the Controller or the instance that passes information between the view and the model. Writing of templates for view or presentation layer is facilitated by the controller provided by Struts.

We are one of the most dependable and trusted companies that specialise in Struts and Struts middleware development. We have some of the most experienced and talented developers and programmers in our team. They design and develop application frameworks in Java as well as develop softwares customised for a variety of business needs. They use some of the standard software libraries that include Jakarta Struts or Struts, Apache Xerces, Apache Xalan among others.

Our Struts middleware developer team uses Java for developmental work and deployment in Application servers. Our Strut Middleware is developed in line with the need and recommendation of the client or their experts. They also are some of the experts in the industry who perform project planning, resource allocation and resolves the problems if any; using Struts internationalisation of web forms are also done.

This also includes template mechanism known as ‘Tiles’ which allows the presentation layer to be composed from independent content components, headers, menu navigation, etc. We also offer support and technical service for all our products. We are a single window customised solution provider for all IT related needs for business and other needs. We offer the best services and customised solutions at the most affordable prices.

  • It's open source - it's free, it's been built collaboratively and tested by many people.
  • Connection pooling
  • Good tag libraries
  • Good MVC framework - you can concentrate more on business logic and less on the plumbing
  • Flexible and maintainable - XML configuration files make it easy to customize actions. To add functionality, you simply need to create an Action, a Form, and the JSP -- the framework takes care of the rest
  • Facilitates I18N and L10N.