Spring MVC



The Spring Web model-view-controller (MVC) framework is designed around a DispatcherServlet that dispatches requests to handlers, with configurable handler mappings, view resolution, locale and theme resolution as well as support for uploading files.

In Spring Web MVC you can use any object as a command or form-backing object; you do not need to implement a framework-specific interface or base class. Spring's data binding is highly flexible: for example, it treats type mismatches as validation errors that can be evaluated by the application, not as system errors. Thus you need not duplicate your business objects' properties as simple, untyped strings in your form objects simply to handle invalid submissions, or to convert the Strings properly. Instead, it is often preferable to bind directly to your business objects.


  • Clear separation of roles.
  • Powerful and straightforward configuration of both framework and application classes as JavaBeans.
  • Adaptability, non-intrusiveness, and flexibility.
  • Reusable business code, no need for duplication.
  • Customizable binding and validation.
  • Customizable handler mapping and view resolution.
  • Flexible model transfer.
  • Customizable locale and theme resolution, support for JSPs with or without Spring tag library, support for JSTL, support for Velocity without the need for extra bridges, and so on.
  • A simple yet powerful JSP tag library known as the Spring tag library that provides support for features such as data binding and themes.
  • A JSP form tag library, introduced in Spring 2.0, that makes writing forms in JSP pages much easier.
  • Beans whose lifecycle is scoped to the current HTTP request or HTTP Session.


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