Kendo UI

Kendo Ui

Kendo is a jQuery-driven HTML5 framework for creating hybrid apps. The free, open source framework comes with over 70 jQuery widget, and can also be integrated with Bootstrap UI and Angular frameworks.

Because jQuery is popular by itself and a favorite for devs, it’d be easier to learn how the Kendo UI works. However its main limitation is that there won’t be a lot of features to work on, and many useful widgets are licensed.

Kendo UI also provides integration with other two frameworks: the Bootstrap and AngularJS, facilitating the development even more, because an application can be distributed in parts where each can be developed in one of them according to the needs of your project.

This is an interface framework with HTML5 user, which allows the construction of sites and interactive applications, and high performance. This has a library of over 70 widgets for graphical interfaces construction and manipulation, as well as an abundant concentration of devices for data visualization and source client-side data. Another detail are libraries for development that are based on technical Model-View-View-Model (MVVM), which is very similar to the MVC, but this has an intermediate view layer to interact with the Model bed, which is isolated.