Cordova App Development

Cordova is a platform for building hybrid mobile applications using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

To choose the specific platform for development of hybrid mobile applications is not an easy. There are certain factors that matters before the final start of development i.e. final look, function, and feel of an application. Cordova is easy, best and open source framework for mobile developers to develop the native mobile applications using standard web technologies such as single code base of HTML, CSS and Javascript. The Cordova offers a collection of Plug-in systems for developers to build new features in mobile application such as integration of native API with phone camera. The team of mobile app developers at JSTECHNO offers the Cordova mobile application development.


  • Cordova offers one platform for building hybrid mobile apps so we can develop one app that will be used on different mobile platforms – IOS, Android, Windows Phone, Amazon-fireos, blackberry, Firefox OS, Ubuntu and tizien.
  • It is faster to develop hybrid app then native app so Cordova can save on the development time.
  • Since we are using JavaScript when working with Cordova, we don't need to learn platform specific programming languages. Industry
  • There are many community add-ons that can be used with Cordova, these have several libraries and frameworks, which are optimized for working with it.