Business Process Re engineering

Business Process Re-Engineering

A major element of improving time-to-market and reducing costs is reengineering the product development process. DRM Associates can assist with re-engineering your business processes. We bring a sound methodology and, most importantly, the experience with practical approaches and strategies for improving business processes.

We offer the flexibility of two basic consulting approaches. The first approach is to go after the high-payoff opportunities quickly. This is done by organizing an experienced multi-functional process improvement team to brainstorm and implement improvements or organizing a larger group to use the “workout” approach popularized by GE. The savings from these high-payoff improvements can “fund” a more formal re-engineering project. Our more formal approach to business process reengineering is depicted below.

We can facilitate the teams identify process shortcomings and investigate fixes and improvements. We can suggest improvements and approaches based on our experience assisting other companies improve their business processes.
  • serve as a sounding board for the teams to discuss their ideas
  • provide an objective viewpoint to mediate differences of opinion
  • insure the teams are not unnecessarily placing constraints on themselves
  • champion the improvements in the face of organizational resistance
  • insure the teams are going far enough with their process re-engineering/improvement efforts

We can assist the teams develop an implementation plan, conduct training, implement the improvements, and monitor the results. The improved results through our assistance will pay for itself many times over.